About It’s René

It's RenéI’m a hands-on solution architect with a software engineer background in Java, iOS and Android. I’m analytically strong, ambitious, and aiming to be innovative. Go big or go home, there is always a solution.

As a solution architect i’ve been working close with team(s), also fulfilling the role as tech lead, where I laid down the roadmap, communicate these roadmaps to the (internal) clients (Product owners, stakeholders, etc) and the developers, mentoring the development teams. Next to that find and implement the right tools to support the teams. I’ve helped teams adapt the public cloud (AWS), get more out of the CI/CD pipelines, helped to understand and transform to DevOps. Next to that, keep track of the teams technical/personal happiness.

The role as solution architect includes being the technical conscience as well, not all proposed solutions are the right solution to solve the problem.
My broad background enables me to help solving problems, look at it from a distance, and do in-depth analysis. A lot of (production) issues are not fixed in one component, but is often a composition of many variables. Think about networking issues, security related problems, complex software issues, or low-level SSL negotiation problems.

A small role enumeration: software engineer, service engineer, software reviewer, solution architect, tech lead, problem solver.
with experience in the following industries: banking, oil & gas, military, utilities, airline, public sector.